We work with you


We offer the following Services at ITS-Melbourne (Affordable and prompt)

If your computer regularly crashes, is slow and unreliable, We can give a a new and extra life. We will examine / troubleshoot your computer to find out what is going wrong and then perform any necessary fixes required.

Windows Operating System Upgrade

Upgrade your operating system to newer Windows operating systems. Upgrade Hardware to make them compatible and get more from your PC. Windows 8.1 is the latest Windows operating system.

(Virus and Spyware Removal Service)

We provide Virus, Malware and Adware removal service. We’ll also update your existing anti-virus and anti-spyware software to keep your system secure.

Computer Crashes and data Restoration

When Windows won’t even start up on your computer you know something must be wrong. We will bring your computer back to life when you can’t even get into Windows. We can Restore lost data and files

All Hardware installation (additional PCI cards) or Hard Drives and Software installation, compatibility.