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We specialise in Web based databases, Server based databases and Client Computer installed databases. All these databases are extremely powerful and generate several reports and have analysing facilities. The databases are full of logical and calculation functions and take a lot of parameters and variables into consideration.

The databases are very user friendly and come with support material by form of Video and pdf tutorials. We provide 1 year free of cost support after installation / supply and after 1 year period our support can be engaged at at very nominal charge.

The databases are easily customisable and all layouts can be modified by the Administrator at the Clients. These databases are a very good DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and provide automated Directory creation and archiving facility, and offer efficient Communication Means (e-mails and sms etc can be sent from within the database). Automated reports and alerts can be generated. 

  • RECORD MANAGER: (Student Academic Record. Attendance, Fees, Personal, Health, All kinds of Alerts, Reports and Document Management, Archiving system). It also Maintains Agent Data and Reports, Generate ID cards. (SERVER and WEB BASED APPLICATION)

            Record Manager (Read about it)

  • LOAN MANAGER : Loan Manager is a specific package that caters to the needs of Mortgage (Loan) and Insurance Brokers. It incorporates Customer Tracking and Feedback options. It follows the entire Loan progress from Intention of Borrowing to Loan Approval / Funding stage.
  • INVENTORY MANAGER : (Maintain Complete Record of all Assets and Purchases in an organisation)
  • PURCHASE and ASSET MANAGER : (Maintain Complete Record of all Assets and Purchases in an organisation i.e Generate Purchase order and maintain all Records including Location, status etc of the Assets). This is an extension of the Inventory Manager
  • HR and Employee Manager : Maintain all Personal, Leave, Salary, Performance and Finance Related records of all employees in an organisation (very extensive)
  • Fleet Manager: Maintain a Record of a fleet of Vehicles (Purchase details, Insurance and Registration,, Mileage, Vehicle Maintenance and Service details)
  • Contact and Customer Manage: Maintain all Customer Contact details including Buyer’s and Suppliers data. The package also incorporates inventory control, sales performance and reports. Databases can be written to Customer Requirements and are easily customisable