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Wired and Wireless Infrastructure

LAN / WAN (If you have other sites to connect to)

Our Network solutions are dedicated to provide cost effective technical consultancy, installation and support services to our clients. We have a team that specialies in computer network installation Network maintenance using Microsoft Server, Cisco networking equipment, network management and the their latest technologies. (We work with all Server Technologies)

If you are a small or medium sized business: Small Network is a common solution for connecting computers to the Internet and for sharing data between computers. You can use small network to connect dozens of computers in an office, print over network and share information over a network or simply to connect the cable modem or wireless modem at work or home.

WAN Solutions: It is a data communication solution network that covers a relatively wide area or two or more locations (We connect remote locations) (i.e. office to another office or one city to another city and one country to another country). Video conferencing can also be set up to link sites.

  • Network Strategy & Architecture (Network all Computers, Devices and Peripherials)
  • Internet & Security
  • Network Maintenance- Periodic Maintenance or through and annual service agreement
  • Managed Router & Firewall
  • Backup Solutions
  • Server Solutions
  • Remote Access
  • Hardware and Software
  • IP Telephony and VOIP solutions
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Coustomised Client Solutions and Consultancy